image The Weekly Bite: 1st – 7th August

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Bite, which if you don’t is a weekly recap of the week’s gaming news and events.

Naturally the news is still being swamped with anything Pokemon GO related but there is plenty more happening outside of the world of Pokemon. So without further a do let’s see what has been happening the last 7 days.

Nintendo NX to launch strongly

Reports this week suggest the NX will be well supported by a stream of first party franchises. Naturally most folk know Zelda:BotW will launch with the console in March but MCV, a British trade publication, has suggested that we can expect a Pokemon and Mario game within the first 6 months of launch. Obviously there are no concrete details in the report as to what these games will be but MCV believe that Game Freak will be brining a Pokemon game to the NX. It would be wise for Nintendo to have a strong launch period line up to entice consumers and hopefully they have realised this after the barren software output that plagued the Wii U throughout it’s life especially at the start.

Inside Coming to the PS4

Playdead, the developers behind the indie classic Limbo, are bringing their latest, critically acclaimed adventure to the PS4 on the 23rd of August. Being a big admirer of Limbo I personally can’t wait to play Inside later this month.

Inside features a similarly dark and disturbing tone to that of the developers previous game Limbo (Screenshot source: usgamer)

Overwatch meets Rocket League

It’s been a busy week for developers Blizzard and their new offspring; Overwatch. In celebration of the summer Olympics in Rio, Blizzard has introduced a limited time event; Summer Games. There will be limited skins, sprays and emotes naturally but interestingly a new mode has been introduced called Lucioball; basically a basic version of Rocket League where Lucio replaces the rocket powered cars. While Lucioball offers a bit of break from the chaos of normal battles it doesn’t look like it is engrossing players. Blizzard confirmed there will be more seasonal events on par with Summer Games in the future. In other Overwatch news Blizzard announced the game has reached 15 million players, it’s done ok then.

Batman Telltale series banned on Steam

PC players were left less than impressed with the release of the first episode of Telltale’s Batman series with many users posting reviews complaining of resolution, framerate and lag issues. Telltale reacted quickly to the issues issuing a patch soon afterwards, which seems to have fixed the issue and perhaps giving players the Batman they need.

Batman Telltale
Batman you’re looking a bit choppy tonight (Image source: Gamespot)

Pokemon GO – A Legendary Fake? & Niantic reacts to players’ criticisms

The Pokemon GO train seems to show no sign of slowing down currently and it’s been another crazy week of news and stores involving the popular app. One of the biggest mystery stories surrounding Pokemon GO has been the recent revelation of players acquiring rare, legendary bird Pokemon Articuno. Naturally comments of forgery and hacking were made but it appeared players had obtained said Pokemon from Niantic (developer) themselves. These Pokemon were handed out as a form of compensation to issues raised to the developer by certain players. One of those players in particular, Kaitlyn Covey, speaking to, provided a clearer view of the issue. Covey confirmed she received Articuno from Niantic due to speaking to the developer on support issues. However after a backlash of pathetic criticism directed at both Covey and Niantic, Niantic has opted to remove any legendary Pokemon from such accounts in the interest of fairness. Some people just really can let others be happy can they?

Niantic themselves also moved to comment on players’ dissatisfaction at the developers decision stop third-party tracking services. Niantic informed their decision was based largely due to the strain such services where putting on their servers, which were in turn hampering the developers efforts of getting the app released in more nations, such as Brazil. While I had ranted earlier this week on that decision albeit before hearing what Niantic had to say on the issue, I am hoping this is the actual reason behind that decision and if it is then I respect that decision.

And to conclude the Pokemon GO news this week spare a thought for Japanese Olympian, Koei Uchimura, who racked up a whopping $5k of from playing the game in Rio de Janeiro due to data roaming charges. Luckily for Koei his pone company decided to drop said charges in favour of a more affordable $30 a day package… I wonder if you or I would be spared such costs?

Extra Bites:

  • Sega sales improving – Fortunes changing for industry stalwart (source)
  • Relentless Software closes – UK studio best known for Buzz quiz game closes doors (source)
  • XCOM 2 console release delayed – you’re going to have wait just a few more weeks (source)
  • Outlast 2 delayed – you’re underwear will remain clean… until 2017 (source)

And that concludes the gaming news for this week. What did you make of the weeks events and news? Are you excited about Inside coming to the PS4? What did you make of Niantic’s reasoning behind stopping third-party tracking services? All thoughts, comments and opinions are welcome below. Thanks for reading until next time have fun and play games.



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