image Discussion: Our Favourite Pokemon!

Hello readers and welcome to a special collaborative feature. Me and HalfShelledHero (of HalfShelledHeroGaming) have joined forces to bring you both our 6 favourite Pokemon. Now seemed as good as time as any, what with current euphoria surrounding the franchise, to share our favourite Pokemon. So without further a do lets get on with the show.

HSHG: Since I am a gentleman I will let Gaming Bear name his first 3! Then Ill name my 3, and so on. So Bear who do you have on your list?

BEAR: Thank you my good sir! You are always quite the gentleman (sometimes), so my FIRST Pokemon is!…


If you don’t love Arcanine you are not worth knowing, that’s my theory anyway and it’s one rule I live my life by, I mean who doesn’t want a big dog that spews out fire? Arcanine represents the best of both worlds in that it looks great but is also quite powerful, cute by deadly. It can also run for miles… 6,200 in a day to be precise according to the pokedex. Apparently anyone who hears its bark will grove before it… screw that I constantly grovel at Arcanine regardless of its bark. If I could have any Pokemon as a pet it would be Arcanine.

Next up is….


One of the founding members of my original team in Pokemon Blue, Sandshrew is one of the coolest ground Pokemon around. Sandshrew has a tough but somewhat cute demeanour thanks to a combination of its hard shell, claws, big eyes and clumpy arms, Sandshrew can definitely hold its own and look good whilst doing it. One awesome thing Sandshrew can do is roll up in a ball to protect itself and attack others, now who wouldn’t want to see that? I also like Sandshrew’s hairy evolved form; Sandslash.

And the last of my first 3 is…


Dragonite is simply majestic, this happy looking giant dragon is quite peaceful in nature but can defend itself with devastating force, I mean come on it knows hyper beam! Dragonite also starred in one of the most evocative moments in the Pokemon anime series; in the episode Mystery at the Lighthouse, Ash and friends somehow summon this rare Pokemon and although Dragonite isn’t actually fully seen (we all know it’s him/her though) what plays out is a truly magical moment one sadly cut short buy Team Rocket’s greed, although we do get to see Dragonite go to town on Team Rocket.

HSHG: That is a solid first 3! I do share your love for Arcanine and Sandshrew, but not so much for Dragonite. I never understood why so many like it, but I can say I enjoyed the beat down of Team Rocket xD.

BEAR: Who doesn’t love seeing Team Rocket get what’s coming to them! So who are your first 3?

HSHG: Okay, I just want to say, we both can agree that this list was very hard to make as I wanted to put ALL my beloved Pokemon on the list… Only 6 could make it, but don’t forget I LOVE YOU ALL….

And with that here is MY FAV OF ALL TIME….


YES! Charizard! When I played the original GameBoy games, Charmander was always my starter. Pokemon Go, Charmander is my starter! While it is true, I LOVE Charmander and Charmeleon as well, end game is ALWAYS Charizard. In the Pokedex it says “Charizard flies around the sky in search of powerful opponents. It breathes fire of such great heat that it melts anything. However, it never turns its fiery breath on any opponent weaker than itself”. I mean talk about noble, talk about respect, talk about the greatest Pokemon of all time.

Next up is…


Haunter makes the list for so many reasons. His look, his personality, and also because he is one of my favourite cards to use in the Card Game. He is the opposite of what Charizard represents, as you can read from the Pokedex “Haunter is a dangerous Pokémon. If one beckons you while floating in darkness, you must never approach it. This Pokémon will try to lick you with its tongue and steal your life away”. Never noble, never respectable, just PURE EVIL!

And to finish off my first 3 …


Oh yes, the  Eeveelutions! I LOVE me some Jolteon and I couldn’t have a top 6 with out it. As BEAR stated earlier asking who wouldn’t want “a big dog that spews out fire?”, I then ask, who wouldn’t want a Pokemon who’s fur is “made of electrically charged needles” and can use that to ” drop thunderbolts”. Jolteon is a no brainier for me and will ALWAYS have a place on my team.

Okay so our first 3 are done and I’d say we have a good start to a GREAT team here!

BEAR: I agree! Though I’d say my team could take yours at this point.

HSHG: My Charizard will melt your face off and my Jolteon will fry your innards. Then my Haunter will make your Pokemon go CRAZY!

BEAR: Keep dreaming… Two words… HYPER BEAM!

But before we try to kill each other, lets finish our list! So to start the 2nd half of my team I choose!…


How do you describe Ludicolo? How about a Mexican looking duck, complete with “poncho” and “sombrero”, who likes to dance… Tell me you don’t think that Ludicolo already sounds awesome. When Ludicolo hears festive music he starts to become more powerful too, so not only is he a snappy dancer but he can hold his own in battle too. Ludicolo is definitely one of the most fun looking Pokemon, which is surprising since Ludicolo evolves from the miserable looking Lombre.

HalfShelled… I’ll see your Haunter and raise you a…


Like Sandshrew, Gengar was another one of my elite group of original 6 Pokemon. Ghost Pokemon were pretty unique in the original games as there we only 3 of them (Gastly, Haunter & Gengar) and at the time Ghost Pokemon were the only ones who were effective against often deadly and annoying Psychic Pokemon. What I like about Gengar is its cheeky slightly menacing grin, you know he is up to no good. His original pokedex entry makes him sound like somewhat of dick; “Under a full moon, (Gengar) likes to mimic the shadows of people and laugh at their fright” but that just makes me like Gengar even more. Diversity and variety is what makes Pokemon such interesting and somewhat relatable creatures and Gengar happily fills a mischievous void.

Boy, my team looks unbeatable… but I have one more pick and that will be!


While Quagsire won’t win any awards for being the smartest Pokemon, according to its Pokedex entry, Quagsires are quite dim-witted and think nothing of crashing their heads into rocks and boats, you can’t deny Quagsires are lovable creatures, I mean just look at their simple, charming smiles. Although I haven’t had any hands on experience with this water/ground Pokemon I think that will properly change sooner or later.

There are my 6 most favourite Pokemon! I think it is a pretty respectable team.

HSHG: I have to give you credit, I like your team but once you see who I have in my final 3 I will have your cutesy Pokemon shaking in their boots!

BEAR: Bring It On!



If Charizard wasn’t a Pokemon, Squirtle would be my main starter. End Game Blastoise! How could you not LOVE the DOUBLE BARREL POWER of the TURTLE BEAST himself! This bad boy can “shoot bullets of water with enough accuracy to strike empty cans from a distance of over 160 feet”! YOU CAN HIDE, BUT YOU CAN NOT RUN BEAR!

I LOVE Jolteon, but I want him to have some company, so I CHOOSE YOU!


Another Eeveelution makes my list because EVERYONE knows they are SO AWESOME! Flareon is TOPS when it comes to Fire Pokemon, it is literally to HOT to handle as “this Pokémon’s body temperature can rise to a maximum of 1,650 degrees Fahrenheit”! So try using tackle with your hat wearing duck and get BURNED!

AND Finally! The Last Pokemon to make my 6!


A T-Rex Pokemon! How could I not LOVE Tyrantrum! The Pokedex specifically states “Thanks to its gargantuan jaws, which could shred thick metal plates as if they were paper, it was invincible in the ancient world it once inhabited”.  With Tyrantrum on my team I am UNSTOPPABLE! He and Charizard alone could rule the world, if you add the rest of my team I would really be the ULTIMATE POKEMON MASTER!

Like I said before I have SO MANY Pokemon I could add to this list, but 6 was the number and there they are.

BEAR: Yeah, I could do at least 20 or so. But I think our lists are pretty good, mine is still better no matter what you say but we did good regardless.

HSHG: If Pokemon were real I’d fly my Charizard across the pond and battle you right now!

BEAR: Haha, we could go around and round all day about this but that’s not what our readers are here to read about! Thank you guys for sticking around, I know Halfshelled is a bit much to deal with xD

HSHG: You take that back damn it!

BEAR: Well off we go, thank you again for taking a look at our list. What are your 6 Favourite Pokemon? Let us know in the Comment Section and/or on Twitter!

HSHG: Until next time, see you guys!



  1. Great choices! Sandshrew is certainly underrated so it’s great to see some love for it here. Arcanine, Gengar, and the Eeveelutions are also classic. I love Charizard, but specifically Shiny Black Charizard the most. Mega Charizard X’s black dragon form is also appealing.

    As for my other top Pokemon, I would pick, in no order:

    Pikachu – Gotta love that mascot.
    Mewtwo – He was so cool in the first movie! Overpowered and great in the first generation as well.
    Starmie – Starmie’s gotten me through so many gens and is one of the first Pokemon I competitively bred and trained.
    Greninja – Main him in Smash 4, and just love his water ninja design. He came such a long way from Froakie.
    Blaziken – I used him back in 3rd gen, but forgot about him until his Mega arrived. Not only is his Mega cool, but I just love Blaziken’s kicking fighting style in Pokken Tournament.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some cool choices there although got to be honest I’m not a big greninja fan and I was shocked when it was named Japan’s favourite Pokemon recently. We both could of easily picked about 50+ Pokemon, stay tuned for our least favourites… We don’t hold back!

      Liked by 1 person


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