image No Man’s Sky: My Journey in Pictures (so far…)

Like many I have exploring No Man’s Sky’s vast universe and while I have mixed feelings on my experience so far, I can’t deny I’m not enjoying No Man’s Sky to some degree. Originally I was planning on doing a written journal of journey through the universe, similar to that of my Pokemon GO journey, however I’ve decided to tell my story via a visual perspective. So sit back and enjoy the sights.

New (slightly radioactive) Beginnings

No Man's Sky First Planet
The planet where everything began. Whilst not being the most attractive it is abundant with plenty of interesting wildlife and plants… with a good measure of radiation too.

Is this Jurassic Park?

No Man's Sky_20160811165303
Everyone thought dinosaurs were extinct but really they are just on far away planets. This little guy is not bothered by my presence one iota.

When Evolution Goes Wrong

No Man's Sky_20160811194109
After travelling to another planet I came across this poor critter, I felt like putting it out of misery. What the hell is it? A claw on legs? Needless to say the planet of Humikha Cuzco was not exactly somewhere you would want to settle down thanks to the barren landscape and punishing temperature.

New Wings

No Man's Sky_20160811194131
After becoming increasingly frustrated with my limited inventory space I stumbled upon a crashed ship. It was slightly better than my current model and after a few repairs it was up and running. I now had plenty more room to stock numerous minerals and resources (well about 3 more slots). She’s no looker but she does the job.

The Fatal Tale of the “Brave” and Foolish “Deer”

No Man's Sky_20160811194917
Most wildlife i had encountered so far had been relatively friendly and usually shied away from any contact with me, not so this plucky little deer looking creature. To my surprise I turned around and saw this little guy trying to take a bite out of me…
No Man's Sky_20160811194941
…needless to say the battle was short lived as I dealt some much deserved force on it. Hey knowledge stone what’s the Gek for “You got owned?”

A Universe of Sights

Dusk turns into night as a giant creature walks underneath a distant planet
There are moments in No Man;’s Sky that are really mesmerising, this is one of them. A perfect, tranquil setting emphatically enforcing the idea that I am part of a vast, diverse universe.

Warping into the Unknown

No Man's Sky_20160812015253
The first time you boot up your hyperdrive and hurtle towards another system is a truly outstanding one. You really get a sense of speed and movement as you warp, pictures arguably don’t do it enough justice.

Deep Space

No Man's Sky_20160812015401
The vast, open depths of space in No Man’s Sky through the cockpit of my trusty little ship, what secrets are hidden behind the blue nebula?

Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Pain

No Man's Sky_20160812125231
If there was ever a time where I wish had learned more Gek it is this moment… I opted for nose… I got hurt.

Dying in the Toxic Rain

No Man's Sky_20160812130703
Ok so I did not die on this planet put it’s toxic rain meant I didn’t hang around for too long. At least I learned the Vy’keen for Vy’keen… it’s Vy’keen in case you were wondering.

Sometimes it’s best not to follow procedures

No Man's Sky_20160812132242
No Man’s Sky’s abundance of planets (around 18 quintillion) is thanks to its procedural generation algorithm… unfortunately that means occasionally certain thinks don’t quite work or placed in a suitable area, defying the laws of gravity it seems.

Parking Fail!

No Man's Sky_20160812134329
Perfectly capturing the time I landed my ship in a hard to reach place. That pillar is taller than it looks, luckily I managed to half jet pack half climb it back the way up.

That’s No Moon!

No Man's Sky_20160813005936
The time when I found the “Death Star” in space… I hope no one named their planets Alderaan.

Intergalatic Voyeurism

No Man's Sky_20160813010959
Me spoiling a romantic moment between two hunchbacked creatures of Aossionsti Gedani, I wont be welcome back on this planet in a hurry.

Planet of the Bouncing Pineapples

No Man's Sky_20160813012657
This is not a plant… I repeat this is not a plant! This is some kind of weird bouncing pineapple creature… radiation works in mysterious and humorous ways.

Ship Envy

No Man's Sky_20160813020911
I need this ship! But at 1.8 million units she is a pricey space travelling vessel. Best get mining them resources.

(To be continued….)

Hope you are enjoying my visual story of my No Man’s Sky adventure. Feel free to share your thoughts on NMS below. Thanks for reading/looking. As always have fun and play games



  1. Awesome pictures! I like the idea of a photo journal! Also, I’m glad you’re enjoying No Man’s Sky even though your feelings are a bit mixed. The game intrigues me, and your pictures do a great job of keeping me interested. I look forward to see what else you have in store.

    Liked by 1 person


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