image The Weekly Bite: 8th – 14th August

Why hello there almost didn’t see you. Yes I have taken time out of exploring the universe in No Man’s Sky to bring the latest edition of the Weekly Bite; a weekly recap of past 7 days gaming news and events.

Obviously No Man’s Sky has dominated this week somewhat but there were plenty of other stories and events circulating the games industry. So let’s see what went down.

No Man’s Sky News Bonanza Recap!

The much hyped, highly anticipated No Man’s Sky finally released this week (in case you have been living in a cave) and it’s fair to say gamers and critics have been very vocal so far on Hello Games’ space exploration game, both positive and negative and everything else in between. Regardless of your opinion of NMS there have been numerous stories revolving around the game since it’s release. One of the most intriguing ones is that of two players visiting the same planet at the same time at the same location. This may not sound like much but No man’s Sky has 18 quintillion planets and finding a certain planet in the universe is like finding a needle in a warehouse full of haystacks. Unfortunately they could not physically see each other, which raised questions about the universe of no Man’s Sky and the potential “multiplayer” aspects of the game. Sean Murray (founder of Hello Games) responded to this event seemingly vaguely suggesting that players would never be able to meet, without actually saying it. The full story can be found here.

Anyone doubting the scale of No Man’s Sky should be easily reassured by this next story as one streamers attempt to catalogue all the creatures on one planet led into a two hunt full of trails, tribulations, despair and ultimate joy. The planets in NMS are colossus objects full of fauna and flora, so finding everything is not easy. But for his trials, twitcher KingGoliathion was rewarded with a sweet 250k credits and the satisfaction of finding every weird and wonderful creature on one planet. Only another 18 qunitillion more to complete!

Those who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky came somewhat stuck in the universe after a special pre-order item – a souped-up spaceship, left players unable to head to another star system. It seems the addition of a hyperdrive to the ship is causing the problem, which negates players needing to find the formula to build one. The issue arises when players swap ships to one that doesn’t have a hyperdrive installed, essentially leaving players stranded in the system they are in as they are unable to build a hyperdrive of their own. Looks like for some No No Man’s Sky is living up to it’s name.

No Man's Sky_20160813020911
There are some awesome looking ships in No Man’s Sky but just be warned when you do swap as your new vessel may not be as well tooled as you think 

Xbox One No.1 in July

The Xbox One finally managed to unseat the PS4 for the top-selling console… well in the U.S. anyway. It was the first time since October 2015 that the Xbox One managed to outsell it’s main competitor. Things are likely to get better for Microsoft with the release of the Xbox One S, with the 2TB edition already selling out although strangely Microsoft will not be manufacturing anymore and instead will be focusing on the 500GB and 1TB versions.

Get ready to rumble in Rocket League

The game that keeps on giving! Rocket League is receiving yet another unique update – for free naturally! The update will bring a good touch of hilarity and mischief to proceedings in the newly titled mode called Rumble. Announced at the Rocket League Championship Series Event (RCLS), Rumble adds nearly a dozen “power-ups” into the action, which will be available in private and exhibition matches. These power-ups naturally cause a lot of mayhem; The Boot flings a boot and kicks other cars, the Magnetiser attracts the ball to your car and the Tornado … you guessed it, creates a large tornado that sweeps everything into it’s windy vortex. However according to Psyonix, Rumble is only part of a much bigger update planned for September. If you have not played Rocket League yet then you don’t know what you are missing and it’s turning out to be one of the best value games around.

Surely that’s cheating a bit? Mind you I need all the help I can get (source: rocketleaguegame)

Gaming makes you smarter… FACT!

Video games often gets a bad rap from the media being blamed for everything from gun crime to global warming but those who like to beat down on gaming may want to take a look at the results of an Australian study. The study – Internet Usage and Educational Outcomes Among 15-Year-Old Australian Students – tracked exam results of 12,000 high school students partaking in an internationally recognised paper – PISA (Program for international Student Assessment), which tests for proficiency in maths, science and literacy. Every student filled out forms relating to their backgrounds and lifestyles. Use of “online games”, both single and multiplayer, was one area of the questionnaire but individual games were not named. The results showed students who played online games almost every day score 15 points above the average in maths and reading and 17 points above the average in science. So take that media! Now leaves us alone and let us play our games in peace and respect! For more information on this study, including Economists’ Alberto Posso’s thoughts and summary of said study, have a peek here.

Extra Bites:

  • More evidence of NX detachable controllers – patent filed support rumours (source)
  • Nordic Games changes its name – Welcome THQ Nordic (source)
  • No go for Pokemon GO – Niantic responds to requests to disable game from sensitive places (source)
  • Nintendo stop Pokemon Uranium – fan-made Pokemon game removed from download (source)
  • Nintendo also stop Metroid 2 fan remake – Nintendo wields its axe on another fan-made game (source)
  • Pokemon GO bot programs being shut down – players face bans and rightly so (source)
  • IO Planning 3 seasons of Hitman – thats a whole lot more assassinating to do (source)

And there is your roundup for last weeks gaming news! Thanks for reading. Let us know what your thought of the week that was. Are you enjoying No Man’s Sky? Excited for the new Rocket League update? Or maybe you are annoyed that Nintendo has closed down your fan-made game? All comments, thoughts, etc welcome below. Until next time have fun and play games.



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