5 Things that No Man’s Sky needs

We always want more don’t we? Never truly satisfied with what we receive? Ok so this isn’t always the case but this gamers’ avid imagination often conjures up dreamlike additions to games.

No Man’s Sky is one game to suffer from my dream factory as while I am enjoying exploring space, it can often feel tedious and repetitive. The potential for a fantastic game is there and I hope Hello Games focus all their efforts in improving and updating NMS. Until then I have come up with 5 ideas/additions I would like to see in NMS.

1. Customisation 

One aspect where No Man’s Sky gives players a sense of belonging in the universe is the ability to name planets, areas, creatures and plants. However this is as far as the game goes in terms of personalisation. One simple thing I would love to see is the ability to name our spaceship. Currently I feel little attachment to my ship and see it more as a flying storage unit with cannons attached. By calling it the S.S. Gaming Bear I would immediately feel more ownership with my ship and thus feel more present and alive in the universe.

No Man's Sky_20160811194131
‘Tis my ship but I can’t name her

If developers were feeling especially generous and a bit more ambitious then introducing the option to create our own spaceship would be even better, giving every players’ journey a greater sense of immersion. It wouldn’t have to be anything too in-depth; players would choose from a handful of bases, wings, etc but it would give the universe more diversity as the same half a dozen or so ships seem to keep appearing throughout NMS.

2. Land vehicles 

Traipsing around the gargantuan planets in No Man’s Sky can often be a chore, even with the assistance of sprinting and your jet pack, sometimes it seems to take an age to explore the terrain and often I find myself hoping into my spaceship to make even the most trivial of journeys. One way to solve this would be the addition of a planet roving vehicle. I’m not talking of anything too extravagant here maybe something between the lines of the first moon buggy and the Mako from Mass Effect. Having the option to traverse the terrain more quickly and arguably more entertainingly would definitely reduce the feeling of tedium. Naturally we would still have to power and fuel said vehicle and again if Hello Games’ were feeling even more creative, allowing players to make their own vehicle would also be awesome.

3. Colonies

There are plenty of aliens present in No Man’s Sky but they all seem to be solitary, lonely beings intent on staying put in their outposts pretending to look busy on their futuristic tablets when we all now you probably rudely interrupted them watching space porn. You never see any together (except once) and this breaks the illusion of a real, living universe. Yes I understand No Man’s Sky is a game of exploration, visiting planets largely undisturbed by civilisation but considering each of the 18 quintillion planets has at least several individual aliens on them, all just lonely lingering in outposts, then there is obviously a lot of them in the universe so why not bring some of them closer together?

I’m not talking about mega cities here but little settlements; few “houses”, trading hub, etc would go someway to making the universe and the planets more interesting and also break the monotony of exploring both.

4. Survival Mode

No Man’s Sky can be described as a survival game of sorts, only problem is survival in NMS is pretty easy thanks to the large abundance of resources available. What I would like to see is a separate mode that ramps up the difficulty and makes our journey a more perilous one. As much as I enjoy being relatively able to roam around planets without much concern by changing the dynamics somewhat essentially you are almost getting a new game.

No Man's Sky_20160812130703
The toxic rain on this planet, whilst annoying never really felt life threatening

NMS has numerous “dangerous” planets full of gas clouds, high levels of radiation and frequent storms. Initially these seem threatening to our survival but all it boils down to is a life support and “atmospheric resistance” meter that slowly deplete, which can be easily stopped by seeking shelter in an outpost or your ship. There has been only one instance so far where the climate of a planet has truly tested my survival due to frequent storms and freezing temperatures, anything else I have encountered is largely a mild annoyance. By giving players more of a challenge will make planets feel more authentic and players in turn will come to respect the environments more and not take their surroundings for granted.

5. Less “Space”

Before anyone jumps to conclusions here and calls me a madman for demanding less space in NMS hear me out, I don’t actually want there to be less space so to speak but more in it. Bar the compulsory spaceport, splattering of asteroids and handful of planets, each system is not really filled with anything else of interest. How much more interesting would it be and make the universe feel more alive if there was more happening in actual space. There could be several outposts in each system where aliens/travellers could meet to trade items, learn languages or just talk, which in turn would add more lore to the universe and its habitants. How about a shipyard too? It can get frustrating waiting in a spaceport waiting for the ship you want to turn up.

And how about events too?  Like assisting a Gek transport ship to a planet which is under threat from pirates or stopping an asteroid hitting an outpost? Things like this would only help players immersion into the universe. Well thats my opinion anyway.


Those are just a few ideas of how I think No Man’s Sky could be improved. I have lots more to but I didn’t want to ramble too much. Thanks for reading spacemen and spacewomen, please feel free to leave your own ideas on what you would add to NMS below. Until next time have fun and play games.




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