image Out of hibernation?

Hey everyone, I thought I would provide a little update on the current situation on TheGamingBear. As you maybe aware towards the end of the last year, I decided to focus my attention’s elsewhere.

This I felt was a necessary step to take as I had a lot on my plate and I felt I wasn’t able to put in the time and effort I wanted to with this site. I have been weighing up whether to get back into the “writers chair” for sometime and at this point it’s unlikely for the short-term future. That being said I may start just producing the odd content here and there.

Naturally my work for Minor League Doubles is priority when it comes to my focus outside of work and other responsibilities. If you have not checked out the MLD yet and you have an interest in Rocket league and or ESports I urge you to check us out, we are great, fun community that focuses more on players who love the game and want to improve rather than just showcasing professionals. The MLD is in its 4th season and is growing all the time and as Vice President I am keen to help it grow.

Anyone who still visits this site I hope you enjoy the content that is on here, sure you could say some of it “outdated” but I feel there is still some great reading to be had (somewhere). Hopefully I will be posting something more exciting in the near future, I’m currently really hyped and enthusiastic about gaming at the moment, with the launch of the Switch and Breath of the Wild (man I need to play that), the upcoming release of Mass Effect and my current adventures in Horizon: Zero Dawn among many things, 2017 is already turning out to be a great year for video games.

Anywho thanks for reading, see you around.


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